• Aahana Pant
    Aahana PantAahana is a BBA student who wants to start her own start-up in the not-too-distant future. She defines herself as a dedicated, inquisitive and adventurous person who enjoys exploring new things. She has always been a crafty person and has a passion for arts and creation.
  • Aarohee Bhattarai
    Aarohee BhattaraiAarohee propelled as a content writer in Entrepreneurs Nepal before she moved to the United States for her undergraduate degree. She involved with some active youths with passion to customize the living traditional education plan through the inclusion of financial studies. Aarohee is currently studying at Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo. She identifies that we, the students, have so much to expose ourselves to living beyond dogmas, patriarchy, and institutionalized systems. Aarohee is excited to absorb and liberate diverse perspectives, with exposure, exploration, and expression. You will realize her vexing understanding and unlearn some fore-instilled beliefs we have.
  • Deeksha Mishra
    Deeksha MishraDeeksha is a student of social sciences by her core passion to learn and explore about society theoretically as well as practically. She is an experienced content writer with diverse history of working in the Media and Non Profit Sector. She believes that as humans, we communicate through stories to bond with each other, and she loves sharing the stories she encounters in her day to day life. When not working, she is found reading fiction novels.
  • Dibya Shrestha
    Dibya ShresthaDibya is an optimistic goof who loves exploring and being close to her roots . She is an experimental person who always gives it a try at every opportunity. She loves talking to animals knowing they won't be replyable .Writing stories about entrepreneur's ideas, struggles and achievements always fascinates her as she aspires to become one.
  • Lex Advise
    Lex AdviseLex Advise is Nepal’s leading and full-featured online legal platform for businesses & individuals(entrepreneurs and investors).
  • Lirisha Tuladhar
    Lirisha TuladharLirisha Tuladhar is an enthusiastic, curious and determined explorer who likes to discover diverse fields. She is a student of Public Health however she has unlimited interests and hobbies including creating poems, writing blogs,reading novels, dancing, doing DIY crafts and much more. She has initiated her own project named Unfolding SRHR - Bridging the Gap, which is an online portal for young people to access SRHR information through digital medium. She has been involved at the local, national and international level as an SRHR Youth Activist for more than 5 years. She is also interested in the field of indigenous people, elderly and entrepreneurship where she is in the journey to explore the opportunities out there as well. She believes that one must not be limited to the dreams and a change should be brought from within yourself.
  • Manisha Koirala
    Manisha KoiralaProud to call herself an agriculturist, Manisha wants to redefine the boundaries of agriculture through entrepreneurship. Getting surrounded by creative minds and bringing out the innovations to solve problems aspires her to grow every day. Subjects like Economics, Marketing, Food and Nutrition fascinates her. She is now pursuing a Bachelor in Agriculture in Lamjung.
  • Puja Yadav
    Puja YadavYou will often find her dwelling in words and spinning stories around the ideas she finds insightful. Aa a business undergraduate, she is currently exploring the business and startup ecosystem of Nepal to eventually do something impactful on her own. Apart from that, an avid reader, Puja loves to wander in her faraway bookland and work for the cause she highly cares about which includes working for emotional intelligence and women empowerment.
  • Saakshi Baheti
    Saakshi Baheti‘Learner and Explorer’, this is how Saakshi defines herself. She is currently pursuing bachelors in IT. Having worked in advertising, she is aware of ‘seek, process and execute’ terms. She fascinates writing and believes in the magic of words. She uses her curiosity, enthusiasm and research to amplify her writings. Apart from her works, you will find her on a couch reading a book or exploring new places and food.
  • Sesemi Limbu
    Sesemi LimbuAs her attachment with writing ripened, Sesemi embraced the idea of creating distinctive articles and started to work as a content writer. She loves the fact that the words have the power to influence others with authentic content. Oftentimes, she enjoys learning new languages, reading books or watching fantasy superhero movies.
  • Shubhangini Shah
    Shubhangini ShahHer quiet, reflective nature could often lead to a perceptual illusion of her being cocooned in her own thoughts but Shubhangini is a total powerhouse once you get to know her. With her mind a plethora of myriad thoughts, she finds it easy to translate them in writing. So don’t find it amusing when she calls a pen and a notebook her tag along buddies. Disclaimer: The person is delineated as “affable” so do proceed with caution because there’s a fair chance of her indulging you in a long, deep conversation.
  • Sujit Maharjan
    Sujit MaharjanSujit Maharjan is a lazy reader who dreams to become the first writer that has read the least amount of books. He has only read ONE novel so far. He is currently chasing a Masters in English Language Teaching degree from Kathmandu University. He believes that life has been great so far: he feels extremely lucky to be born in such a loving family and be surrounded by some good friends.
  • Sulabh Basnet
    Sulabh BasnetSulabh got into content writing which helped him express himself and let all the negative energy out which became a kind of therapy. The main source of expression is words for him. Besides writing, he loves to indulge in fun physical activities like hiking, working out or any sports. Currently, he is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Besides writing, he loves to volunteer in Red Cross Events and is also a National Level Athlete, State 1 gold medalist in his weight category in the sport of Weightlifting.

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